Allen House Proposed Floor Plan - Pittsfield Massachusetts



Exterior Restoration | Interior Restoration and Renovation | Accessibility | Elevator
The Allen House has substantial architectural importance as a rare example of American Queen Anne architecture with a hung clay tile exterior and the extremely rich level of interior detailing and finishing. The National Register Listing cites the Allen House as being “the finest example of Queen Ann Style extant in Pittsfield and one of the most important examples in Berkshire County.” The interior of the Allen House is comparable to the highest quality work of the period in Boston’s Back Bay and other major urban centers.
This study proposed to restore the exterior of the building and the important rooms and stair of the first floor and disrupt the original plan only to the extent required to construct a new elevator, accessible toilet rooms, and a second means of egress from the third floor. Partitions added to subdivide rooms on the second and third floors, possibly when the house was a convent, were scheduled for removal. The viability of program options was considered in terms of their impact on the original plan.