Umass Stockbridge Hall Exterior Restoration - Ahmerst Massachusetts



Drainage | Masonry | Roofing | Sheet Metal
The Agricultural Building at Amherst, Mass. was designed by James H. Ritchie of 8 Beacon Street, Boston for the Massachusetts Agricultural College. The building was named Stockbridge Hall after Levi Stockbridge, a local farmer and the school’s first professor of agriculture. In 1880 Levi Stockbridge was elected president of the college. Stockbridge Hall comprises a laboratory, classroom and office building and an auditorium. The academic building is three stories with a full basement and attic level of about 10,000 square feet per floor. Bowker Auditorium is appended to the west side of the academic building and the original lecture hall had a plan area of approximately 7,500 square feet. In 1954 an addition was constructed at the west end of Bowker Auditorium to accommodate performing arts. Stockbridge Hall is steel framed with exterior walls of brick masonry and stone ornamentation. The project comprised exterior roofing and masonry replacement and restoration and the repair of interior finishes. The roofing work included replacement of slate roofing, sheet metal and built-up roofing systems. The sheet metal roofing included flat seam, standing seam, and batten seam copper roofing. The low slope roofing included installation of both thermoplastic membrane and SBS modified bituminous membrane roofing systems. A monumental copper entablature was replaced and new copper gutters, leaders, and conductor heads were installed and connected to a new underground drainage system. Exterior brick masonry walls were selectively repointed and portions were rebuilt. Interior plaster wall and ceiling surfaces, damaged by leaking roofs, were restored.